Chris Martin – “Cheaters Prayer” [Cardiac Strings Riddim] | New Music

Chris Martin (singer from Jamaica not the boring bloke from Coldplay) is one of the fastest rising talents. Fresh off the success of “Paper Loving” on the Cardiac Bass riddim, Martin reunites with ZJ Chrome to produce “Cheater’s Prayer” on the Cardiac Strings riddim. 2005’s Rising Star winner (a.k.a. Jamaican Idol) asks the Lord to assist him in his battle to avoid temptation to commit infidelity. Probably a controversial topic to sing, but hey, it’s honest and a real aspect of relationships.

Chris Martin – “Cheaters Prayer”:

Other songs I recommend on the riddim EP are as follows: Cecile rep’s hard for the ladies on the answer version “If You” stating, “If you love me you wouldn’t cheat / You wouldn’t need no other girl but me / If you really love me you would be the very same thing that you’re asking of me.”

Tarrus Riley weighs in on the infidelity debate with “Karma”, singing “You played the game unfair / Don’t you wish that she was near / Now you’re all alone / Whose fault? It’s your own.” Recently wed Jah Cure delivers “Nothing” yet another sweet love anthem. All available purchase on iTunes.