Chris Brown unveils some new ‘Mixtape Sh*t!’ [Video]

No stranger to spittin’ rhymes, Chris Brown, who a few weeks ago topped many international charts with the release of his fourth solo album Fortune, refuses to rest on his laurels and seems to be getting ready to release some now material.
A few hours ago, the skilled performer took to his Twitter account and liberated the fresh new visual, tweeting the words “Mixtape Sh*t.”

The black and white video features Breezy sitting on a couch rapping and mean mugging, in front of a backdrop of some pretty dope Graffiti artwork. Unfortunately the singer hasn’t given any explanation as to which project (if any) the new track has been lifted from but I doubt his core fanbase care too much.
Check out the video for yourselves below.

Watch: Chris Brown – “Mixtape Sh*t”

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