Chris Brown performs “Birthday Cake” at Supafest, Australia [Video]

After rumours swirled around about the possibility of Chris Brown and Rihanna performing together while both out in Australia, they were soon dashed when Rihanna was seen leaving Australia just as Brown arrived. However, while performing at Brisbane’s Supafest, Brown stunned the crowd by performing the remix to “Birthday Cake” solo.

Choosing to add such a contentious song to his set list could be a risky move for the singer/rapper, as there was already a backlash surrounding him performing at the festival. The producers of the event have had to defend their choice of performer.

“At the moment, he’s having No.1 records around the world, people are feeling it’s appropriate because he’s in demand,” co-producer John Denison explained. “I’m happy to take the lead if television and radio are shutting him down, but you have to take the fact that everyone has accepted it.”

Other songs in Brown’s perforomance included “Wall To Wall,” “Look At Me Now,” “Yeah 3x” and “Turn Up The Music.”