Chris Brown denies Frank Ocean homophobic slur | Music News

As you’re probably well aware of, allegations have been circling the ‘net that Chris Brown made a homophobic slur regarding Frank Ocean, who recently went public with his sexuality. According to PRLog, Breezy was asked his opinion of Frank at a nightclub in Cannes, France at the weekend, to which he responded, “Man, no homo!”

However, this morning, the R&B star took to Twitter to rescind his comments, insteading promoting a message of “love who u wanna love.” He added that people should “stop searching for BS” and look at themselves before criticising others (namely people caled Chris Brown). You can read his tweets, in chronological order, below and leave your judgement in the comments section below.

It should be noted that the website that initially reported on Brown’s homophobic comments are the same folk that issued Omarion‘s bisexual statement last year, which proved to be fake. Make of that what you will.