Chris Brown – “Open Road (I Love Her)” (Full Track) | New Music

We  brought you the snippet and now this track by Chris Brown entitled “I Love Her” has surfaced online in full.

As we previously reported it’s unclear as to whether the track will appear on his forthcoming album Fortune, especially now the track has leaked in full as Chris tweeted recently “If the whole song doesn’t leak then it’s going on fortune! I have so many songs that I’ve recorded in my opinion that are siiiccccckkkk! I just really hope people appreciate the diversity on Fortune!”

This heartfelt number, about him blaming himself for losing the girl he loved definitely reminds us why Chris’ talent and the now diverse nature of his music, is ultimately what keeps him where he is.

Check out the full track below.

Chris Brown – “I Love Her” (Full)

“Should’ve been a better man/ instead of wasting time, spending my life search for the finer things/ You always gave another chance to make it right but I didn’t deserve all I didn’t understand”

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