Chiddy Bang – “The Good Life” [Produced by Pharrell] | New Music

Chiddy Anamege and Noah “Xaphoon Jones” Beresin (Chiddy Bang) liberate this new single via SPIN. “The Good Life” is lifted from their mini-album, The Preview, dropping in October.

The boys talk about working with Pharrell:

“It was surreal and crazy to grasp,” says Chiddy of working with Pharrell. “Even when he walked in the studio, we were in a little bit of shock. It’s crazy to put ourselves in that context. No matter how much we accomplish, in our psyche, we’re still like kids that were making shit in a dorm.”

Adds Beresin: “He has an incredible energy, one of the most respected people who I grew up listening to. No one else really brings the raw swagger that he does.”

Chiddy also talks about his new word, ‘swelly’, which we can hear all over the hook:

Part of the hook finds Chiddy chanting the word “swelly” over and over again, and it’s a term the MC coined as a high schooler. “I made that word to replace the word ‘swag,'” he explains. “The word ‘swag’ is corny—everybody says they got swag. I was like, ‘Yo, I got swell.’ That transformed into ‘swelly,’ meaning all things fresh, all things dope.”

The group likes the word so much that they’re naming their next mixtape Peanut Butter N’ Swelly.

This song sounds like a lazy summer day…(which is ironic, considering the torrential rain that fell in London while I wrote this)

Chiddy Bang- “The Good Life” (Prod Pharrell) by TahirahSC

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