Chevy Woods – “7.62 Freestyle” | New Music

There’s plenty of Taylor Gang material in circulation right now, and Chevy Woods simply throws more weed-smoking, gin-swigging rhymes onto the growing pile with his brand new “7.62 Freestyle”.

With his Gangland album on the horizon, this latest track sees Chevy take matters to the streets with some tough-talking bars – “7.62” referring to the rifle cartridge, of course – that indicates his music may return to that initial persona.

With Wiz Khalifa and Juicy J set to serve up more product on the Taylor Gang label, (the Taylor Allderdice mixtape and the Stay Trippy album, respectively), don’t get caught doubting the TGOD movement in 2012 now.

Listen: Chevy Woods – “7.62 Freestyle”

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