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Over the last couple of weeks, a few of the “songs” that are slated to feature on X Factor pseudo-superstar Cher Lloyd‘s debut album have hit the net. Thus far we have brought you her song claiming that she is the “kind of girl to put dub on the track“, her tribute to marvel comics and the visuals to her first official swagger jacked single. Now we are able to bring you a another “banger” that will feature on the HNIC’s [Head Nincompoop In Charge] debut opus, including a five track album sampler.

Hear It goes…

Entitled “Grow Up”, the track features one of my all time favorite emcees, the legendary Busta Rhymes, who I guess was greedy enough to take her money to feature on her album. I mean come on Bussa Bus! Chris Brown‘s “Look At Me Now” money wasn’t enough? FYI… It’s not that good, the HNIC [Head Nincompoop In Charge] decided to swagger jack Lily Allen as well as Hip Hop’s famed double time flow for this track featuring the Flip Mode capo. Not only does it sound like she fumbled some of her lyrics but for some reason she had the balls to spit  “I’m gonna finish up all these emcees…”. [Oh really!? C’Mon Son!]

Listen To: Cher Lloyd x Busta Rhymes – “Grow Up”

Disclaimer… don’t listen to this song whilst you’re eating or drinking anything. You may choke.

Unfortunately more of her swagger jacked music has hit the net in form of a five track album sampler, featuring short snippets of two new songs, “Over The Moon” and “With Your Love” featuring Mike Posner, that are set to be included on her debut LP. Now, even though my heart broke when I saw a link to this in my inbox I was a little intrigued as to what a Cher Lloyd’s album sampler would sound like…. and like her “banger” with Bussa Bus: It’s not that good.

Drum Rolls Please…

Listen… Cher Lloyd’s 5 Track Album Sampler

My observations…

“Over The Moon”
Okay… so the hook is bearable, that’s if you’re an eight year old child. However, her rhymes… not so much. Ohh and DO NOT GET ME STARTED on the pseudo-Dubstep robbery instrumental that her A&R got her to spit over. Think Britney Spears rapping over her pseudo-Dubstep robbery song but only 17 times worse [yes 17 times].

“With Your Love” [feat. Mike Posner]
Horrible chorus… Whoever wrote the hook on this track should take a serious look in the mirror… but at least Mike Posner sounds bearable.

Finito! Yay!

Ahhh well… like Big K.R.I.T says… “If it don’t touch my soul, then I can’t listen to it” – “The Vent

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