Chase & Status confirm Drake collaboration is on the way

In a recent interview with Ibiza Spotlight about their new album, No More Idols, 2011 plans and working with Jay-Z‘s Roc Nation roster, Saul Milton of UK dubstep/drum’n’bass production duo Chase & Status confirms a rumoured collaboration with Drake is definitely in the works…

Rita Ora we’ve helped work on some of the tracks for her album although until the album actually comes out we won’t really know which tracks are actually on there. We’ll be collaborating with Drake too which is exciting as well and there are more that we want to work with which I won’t mention in the interview, just in case they get called off or whatever!

He also comments on the evolution and global spread of dubstep:

It’s really permeating everywhere right now and it’s great because dubstep is really British music. For me it embodies Britain and it’s such a UK movement. It reminds me of the days of jungle back in ’94 and stuff.

Production levels have improved so much now too whereas it used to be pretty low quality now, Dubstep, like Drum ‘n’ Bass, has become one the highest levels of production genres out there.

But for me really it’s not about Dubstep or Drum ‘n’ Bass or any other genre specifically it’s more about just UK bass-driven music because at the end of the day that’s what most of music is now, it’s all about the bass lines. So it’s all about UK music really and I think that’s what 2011 will hopefully be about, UK produced music.

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