Charles Hamilton – Well Isn’t This Akward: The Winner Takes All | Mixtape Freeload

Charles Hamilton has dropped the sequel to last year’s “Well Isn’t This Awkward” mixtape (FYI, in this year’s mixtape title “awkward” is “akward” – sans the w; it isn’t a typo!)

[S]orry to scare any young people who listen to me. I just been in a very different mind space. So as a gift to the graduating class of 2010, here is…

Well This Isn’t Akward (Winner Takes All)

Charles Hamilton – Blog


01 Dr. Intricacy Presents: Cinematic Hallucinations
02 The Bachelor Finale
03 Gameday
04 Humble Beginnings
05 Media Take Out
06 The Last Slice
07 Peter Pad’s Commercial Break
08 Good Guy Goes Off
09 Repremanded
10 Conner Harrington’s Final Thought


11 In Case I Get Them Both
12 In Case I Only Get One
13 In Case I End Up Alone


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