Charles Hamilton – ‘J. Cole Diss’ | New Music

The perplexing tale of Charles Hamilton. For those unfamiliar with the plot, the Harlem lyricist once carried a burgeoning career under his arm with an Interscope Records deal, an XXL Freshman pick in 2009 and material like “Brooklyn Girls” gaining spins on TV, radio and online, respectively. His career showed a lot of promise. That is, until the rapper decided that taking bizarre shots at famous names and getting punched by his girlfriend – on camera – were much more appealing.

Interscope subsequently dropped Hamilton and with rumours of the rapper being admitted to a mental hospital, things didn’t look good.

And it looks like we’re still waiting for things to change as, seemingly out of nowhere, Chucky drops a diss song aimed at one of the hottest rapper’s today, J.Cole. Nope, we can’t explain it either.

His flow is off, the beat is terrible and the majority of the subliminals aimed at the Roc Nation rapper simply leave your face in a scrunched up state of confusion (Exhibit A: “Get off of my dick, it’s where you came from“). It’ll be interesting to see if J.Cole even responds.

Listen: Charles Hamilton – “J.Cole Diss”


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