Charles Hamilton – ‘Ill Doesn’t Meen Classic’ [Mixtape] | Free Download

To paraphrase: Just when you thought Charles Hamilton was out… the rap game pulls him back in. His spiral of career self destruction includes the well reported tales of his former heavily Jimmy Iovine-backed Interscope deal, to the car crash moment that was the so-called “J Dilla executive produced” debut album, This Perfect Life, to the day his ex-girlfriend showed him what it do, and all the way to the head scratching J.Cole diss.

Yep, it’s been a turbulent career for young Sonic, but like a boxer with his back to the ropes, fighting for his livelihood, Charles Hamilton is pushing to make a full comeback with his brand new mixtape, Ill Doesn’t Meen Classic. A few days ago the rapper/beatsmith made the Internets double take when he dropped his previously-unheard, Eminem co-produced cut, “I Don’t Care“. And as promised, Hamilton has liberated the brand new 11-track mixtape, which you can download below.


1. FallInOutOfLove
2. Here We Go
3. I Doubt It
4. Wake Up
5. A Lot
6. Mushrooms and War
7. No Swag
8. None Of Y’all
9. Pinkington
10. Sleep On The Floor
11. I Dont Care (Co-Produced by Eminem)

DOWNLOAD: Charles Hamilton – Ill Doesn’t Meen Classic