Charles Hamilton disses Tyga, Drake & Wiz Khalifa on “Rack City” Freestyle | New Music

“…ask Drizzy or this wack ass n***a Wiz,”

If you thought Hip Hop Great Common going at YMCMB/OVOXO soldier Drake came out of left field then I dare not think how you guys feel about this. Former Great Harlem Hope/emcee on the rise Charles Hamilton has decided to take shots at Drake, Tyga and Taylor Gang boss Wiz Khalifa, in an all new “freestyle” over Tyga’s “Rack City” instrumental.

In a video uploaded a few hours ago Hamilton, flanked by his gassed “associate” Keon Torres, parades in front of a camera taking shots at the YMCMB soliders and Wiz in a somewhat Drizzy a la Blackberry style rhyme session but in stead of reciting verses off a RIM manufactured product he reads his disses off a note book [Note To Emcees: Learn your rhymes before you up in front of a camera].

After spitting his (his slight incoherent) rhymes in real time over the beat, The Sonic The Hedgehog loving rapper decides to then break down his jabs at Tyga. “My n***a don’t take my shit n***a. That’s my shit n***a. Rap Lex Luger [the wrestler not the producer], rack, rack city bitch…” He continued his breakdown saying, “when I say blast back to the kid, the kid in question is Tyga. So, I snatch what was his, grabbed that and cut what was his. Like whatever you had with Rack City… ALL MINE.”

I think its safe to say that this #Fail can be thrown in the same trash bucket that Canibus’ jabs at J.Cole is in… Check the video below and see for yourself.