Chance Fischer – “Salutations” | New Music

Richmond, VA-rapper Chance Fischer is taking braggadocio to new heights on his latest release from Friends.Romans.Collegemen, out December 15th.

“Salutations” sees the former Cornell man greet all those standing in his path with two middle fingers and a (borderline) healthy dose of hubris, rattling of lines like “All hail to the motherfuckin’ Caesar” with a fearlessness that’s not often seen in a sea of post-Yeezy, post-Drake blog rappers.  If, in the first few seconds, Denero and Matt Campfield’s beat sounds like it came from the Meek Mill recycle bin, their production quickly propels itself courtesy of aggressive percussion and an ominous organ harmony.

If you like to hear up’n’comers who rap like they were born to do it and baptism-of-fire production, look no further than “Salutations”: