Cee-Lo Says He’ll Save His Raps For Goodie Mob

“My pain runs deep. All of that is behind what I got to sing.”

Musical monster Cee-Lo recently spoke to MTV about distinguishing his solo singing from rapping with Goodie Mob and his recent work with Rick Ross on “Tears of Joy,” .

“Who would have known ‘Tears of Joy’ would have been so immediate and apparently urgent of a song?” he ponders. “It reverberated immediately. I’m never too quick to say, ‘This is a hit record.’ I don’t even know how to talk like that…”

“Each artistic endeavor of mine has always been an act of faith. I don’t really know. I’m only doing what my heart and gut tells me to do. But I already know what comes out my mouth is different. Then again, there’s something so signature about the ‘Tears of Joy’ joint. It reminds you — especially my fellow Southerners — it reminds you of a Goodie Mob record.”

“When people be asking why I don’t rap no more, it’s not that. … It’s gotta come,” he explained. “I’mma isolate that to the Goodie Mob. That’s all I care to rap about. Rappin’ is like a contact sport. It’s an attitude. So the only thing I get angry about is the calls [about me not rapping]. That makes me wanna fight.

“As far as somebody stepping on my shoes, because we standing too close to each other, I don’t have that problem. Nobody does what I do. I don’t have no conflict. So I can do what eases my mind. I do believe that music is not meant to agitate; it’s meant to soothe the savage beast. I’m one of them beasts. It soothes me. I’m impressed, because I can separate myself from it and give credit to a higher power. It ain’t really me.

“To be able to sing is a blessing to me. But really, you hurt so bad, sometimes I can’t even rap about it. I gotta sing. That’s why it always hurts a little bit no matter what I’m singing. There’s pain in it. As far as Goodie goes, I got that. That’s all I’m trying to tell y’all.”MTV

Cee-Lo’s new album, Lady Killer, is due for release in December.