Casey Veggies – “Verified” | New Music

If you’re unfamiliar with Casey Veggies, there’s not a better time to get acquainted. With Customised Greatly Vol. 3 (his first release since 2011’s Sleeping In Class LP) ready to hit the net on April 9th, the California native rapper has been on the promotional grind, having dropped “Get That $” yesterday and follows up with “Verified” today.

As showcased on Sleeping In Class, young Veggies has a thirst to tap into his trap rap side (exhibit a: “30,000“) and judging by the empowering bass and almost-cliched club-catered production on this latest cut, Customised Greatly Vol. 3 will be just that. “Get That $” and the previous leak “Fuckin’ Awesome” have their healthy dose of bad attitude, too.

Word on the interstreets is that the video for this song drops later this Good Friday, so eyes peeled for that.

Listen To: Casey Veggies – “Verified”

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