Carmen Bryan, mother of Nas’ daughter, upset with ‘Daughters’ single | Music News

While Hip-Hop fans were happy to hear “Daughters,” the latest single from Nas‘ upcoming album Life Is Good, the mother of the MC’s own daughter didn’t share in their delight.

Carmen Bryan took to Twitter last night and earlier today to express her displeasure with the song.

“Just heard ‘Daughters’ by Nas. What a disappointment! He had nothing positive to say about our daughter and his depiction of her is false!” Bryan seethed.

In the song, Nas rehashed incidents he encountered with his only daughter, 17-year-old Destiny, including finding letters from boys and the incident this past February when she tweeted pictures of a large box of condoms she keeps next to her bed.

Bryan said that she feels the song was created because Nas “felt like he owed his listeners an explanation.”

“He doesn’t owe his fans an explanation with regard to what goes on with Destiny,” she said. “She is his daughter not his artist. Period.”

She went on to say that Destiny is still a child and the MC humiliated her by publicly rehashing her mistakes.

“I think he really didn’t realize how the song would affect Destiny,” Bryan replied to one of her followers. “He should have allowed her to hear if [sic] first.

“Destiny is extremely talented, caring and has a huge heart, none of those things were mentioned. I’m proud of her,” she also said.

Nas has not yet responded. Life Is Good hits the streets June 17.

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