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Ms. Carlitta Durand first gained attention with her hooks on tracks like Little Brother‘s “After The Party” (out on a Friday night, big smiles and flashing lights but where all the lonely go when the party’s over?) before going on to release The Doug & Patty EP and Nostalgic Nights.

Now, the budding songstress is set to release I’ll Be Gorgeous When I Die on August 12th, and hooked up with The Doug & Patty EP producer Vaughn Garcia for “Blown Out,” one of the first tastes from the project.

To aid with the release of her new project, Carlitta is looking to raise funds via Kickstarter and she is using “Blown Out” to help promote the campaign. Here is a little information about Carlitta’s KickStarter program via the site:

First off, I just want to express my appreciate to anyone who is reading this and has ever supported me in any kind of way. Thank you so so so so so so much! 

Since 2006, I have been trying to make it as a professional musician, it hasn’t been easy but it for sure has more pro’s than con’s. I love what I do, I love sharing music, meeting new people, traveling, and most importantly creating music! I am very blessed to be able to do what I love:) 

This project “I’LL Be Gorgeous When I Die“, is my most important and matured project to date. I have grown as an artist and learned so much from working with so many amazing artists. I am making sure i do everything right this time, from recording to packaging, and everything in between. I have put everything i have into making sure this project is this the best Carlitta Durand. 

The title of the project is special to me, in the industry and in everyday life it gets easy to forget about your purpose. I find myself getting caught up in material things or looking a certain way, or trying to please others. I forget about my duties as a human being, or as a child of God. So i have been focusing on being a better me all around; spiritually and physically.  I would much rather be a gorgeous soul in the eyes of God after i leave my physical body.  I’ll be gorgeous when i die. I have to credit the 1960’s British-American rock band, Fleetwood Mac, for the inspiration behind the title from their song “Sara”. I hope I can inspire someone to be a gorgeous soul.  

In this album, I bear my soul, completely transparent. I am just fortunate to be able to share who I am with you, through exactly what ! love to do the most.

If you are interested in donating to the KickStarter program, visit the site here.

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