Captain Murphy – “The Killing Joke” | Music Video

Captain Murphy

It’s been a few months since Captain Murphy, Flying Lotus’ Quasimoto-esque alter ego dropped his debut mixtape Duality, and now we finally have the first true music video for the project.

The video for “The Killing Joke” sees Captain Murphy take a different form, with the headlights for eyes and twinkling lips, and follows the trippy and unique visuals FlyLo’s videos often take. It’s a far cry from the cartoon cult leader’s usual bearded look, but as we’ve known the Captain’s true identity for some time I guess that doesn’t matter as much.

The line “good luck you’ll never find me” is a little redundant now though; a fact the forward-thinking producer has jokingly noted himself. Hopefully we’ll see more videos from the project soon (and fingers crossed “Between Friends” is next”).

Check out the video below.