Captain Murphy f/ Azizi Gibson x Jeremiah Jae – “Immaculation” | New Music

More music from the mysterious Captain Murphy in the form of a track entitled “Immaculation”. Still no idea who he is, although there’s speculation that the anonymous rapper could be connected to Flying Lotus (maybe even FlyLo himself), or that he’s one or two of the guys from Odd Future. I’m not convinced by either argument (the last Captain Murphy track featured FlyLo, appearing as himself), but this is some laid-back, experimental hip hop.

The track, which samples the intro loop from “Born To Lose You“, features Brainfeeder emcees Jeremiah Jae and Azizi Gibson, and in my opinion they do a better job of it with their regular flows than the Captain, distorted and wacky, does with his.

Stream “Immaculation” below and download it for free here:

Captain Murphy’s Du∆lity project was supposed to drop today but the release date has been pushed back to November 15th.