Canibus chokes during rap battle + pulls out notebook [Video]

Veteran New York emcee Canibus is widely held as one of the greatest and most underrated lyricists of all time. In a career spanning almost two decades, spawning such classic underground LPs like Rip the Jacker, the rapper has always displayed a penchant for complex diction, vivid imagery and masterful rhyme schemes matched by few. So, you’d think he’d fare pretty well in a rap battle, right?

Apparently not. Participating in a pay-per-view King Of The Dot battle with Dizaster recently, Canibus, um, forgot how to rap, forgetting his lyrics in the first two rounds, before resorting to pulling out his notebook (which would probably be illegal, if rap battling ever became an industry) in the third. I guess you could say the battle was a disaster for Canibus (I know, I should really pick up freestyling myself).

Just when we thought starting a beef with J.Cole and then immediately apologising for doing so wasn’t embarrassing enough, Canibus has reached a whole new level of failing. Cringe below.

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