Busta Rhymes announces title of new album | Music News

Just earlier today, Busta Rhymes released his free album, Year of the Dragon, via Google Play, but now the veteran emcee is looking ahead to his official 10th studio album. In an interview with Complex, Busta announced that his new LP – his first on Cash Money since signing to the label back in November – will be called Extinction Level Event 2.

The title is derived from his ’98 album, E.L.E. (Extinction Level Event): The Final World Front. In the discussion, Busa Buss elaborated briefly on the project, saying that he’s almost finished recording it, and it will display his growth as an artist.

“I’m almost done. Like 75% done. I just have to make sure I get all of my thoughts off,” he said. “Once I get these thoughts, the dreams I have and such off, if I can articulate these ideas, it’s going to be special.”

He added, “You’re going to get a better album. As I grow and create, the music grows. You’re definitely going to get something else with the Cash Money album. I just want y’all to evolve with me.”

As we await more details on Busta’s forthcoming album, get acquainted with his brand new project here. Boasting features from the likes of Lil Wayne, Rick Ross, Cam’ron, Trey Songz and Anthony Hamilton, Year of the Dragon is a free download not to be missed.