Burial – “Truant” x “Rough Sleeper” | New Music

After previewing “Truant” and “Rough Sleeper” earlier this week, the full versions of the new material from the esoteric electronic genius we know as Burial have arrived.

Both tracks pick up where Burial’s last project, his Kindred EP, left off, functioning as sprawling, multi-chaptered soundscapes, and whilst they clock in at around 26 minutes altogether, they’re well worth investing your time in. The pioneering producer uses distant vocal samples and murky instrumentation to create two beautifully atmospheric urban worlds, and whilst all the old darkness of his vision remains, “Rough Sleeper” in particular is shot through with heartfelt emotion and even a hint of warmer club dynamics. The result is an ever-shifting electronic creature. If you fast forward to the 8.20 mark in “Rough Sleeper”, you can almost hear church bells a la Gold Panda’s “Marriage“- but it’s a mirage- before you know it more ominous tones kick in, and you’re left thinking: light through darkness, or darkness through light?

Listen for yourself below, and buy the tracks now via Hyperdub: