Bridget Kelly talks debut album + Frank Ocean’s ‘Thinking About Forever’; “Your boy demoed my song” [Video]

With a debut album on the way, Roc Nation singer Bridget Kelly takes the time to head over to The Heat to discuss which artists she’s working with, as well as clear up any confusion concerning the Frank Ocean penned record, “Thinking About You.”

Having signed to Roc Nation in 2008, Kelly has been steadily working on her own music and debut album, as well as standing in for Alicia Keys to perform with Jay Z on “Empire State Of Mind” on numerous occassions. Now working on her album, she talks about who she’ll be working with.

“I’ve gotten to work with some of the most amazing writers in the game right now; Ne-Yo, The Dream. Working with them, it’s like, I’m a fan of their work.” Another writer that she worked with on her Every Girl EP is Frank Ocean, who wrote “Thinking About You” for her, which was due to be her first single release.

“We called Frank in to write a song for me, and at some point of us putting the EP together he decided he was gonna put his version out,” she explains. “He wrote the record and he had his vocals so he can pretty much do whatever he wants. The unfortunate thing is everyone then saw it as Frank’s record so when mine came out it was like, ‘She’s covering Frank Ocean’s song..’ and it was like, not really. Your boy actually demoed my song.”

However, it seems like no love was lost as she went on to say what a talented artist he is.