Brian McKnight defends “Let Me Show You..” with plans to release [Video]

R&B veteran Brian McKnight was the talk of the net this week with his new sexually explicit song “Let Me Show You…” – and following widespread ridicule and uproar, the singer speaks up.

“It’s funny how we listen and let our kids listen to songs about killing people and selling drugs and calling women bitches… I wrote this song crude as it may be about satisfying all women and look what happened,” McKnight commented on Twitter.

With his points on the social networking site not coming across as he’d liked, the singer who is known more for his subtle love songs went on to explain the song further with TMZ Live.

Explaining that he has been at home for a while due to a foot injury and the song was really for his “40,000 followers” on Twitter to listen to, McKnight shares that the video was the result of the singer having “nothing else to do” – and he may well release the song to capitalise on the unexpected attention.

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