BREAKING NEWS: Avant-Garde Soul/Hip-Hop producer Nujabes dies in car crash

A sad day for the world of underground soul and Hip-Hop as news breaks of the untimely death of maverick Japanese producer Nujabes- real name Jun Seba. Reports say he actually passed away at the end of last month. However following his burial his family have only just decided to release the news. Click here for the full story.

I was first introduced to Nujabes by my sister, now herself a resident in Japan. So taken by his artistry, she tried unsuccessfully to track the elusive music-maker down at his record shop in Tokyo to express her admiration for his skills.

A classically trained pianist, Nujabes was the purveyor of ethereal, transcendent instrumentals often fusing samples from soul classics. His production was not unlike Jay Dilla‘s, to whom he was often compared but Nujabes had a slightly more smoothed out edge and ultimately his own style. Tragically both these pioneers died in their prime. I don’t doubt that much like Dilla and other talents who have died before having a chance to truly shine on the international stage, Seba will now be appreciated more in death than when he was alive.

Below are a couple of Nujabes tunes that I believe truly exemplify the beauty of the man’s craft. A sad, sad loss indeed.

Shalom x

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