Brandy to collaborate w/ Chris Brown for ‘Put It Down’ single | Music News

After somewhat of a long hiatus, Brandy is coming back into the music game in a huge way, much to the delight of her dedicated fans. She’s proving that with “Put It Down,” which includes a feature from Chris Brown and the first single from her new album Two Eleven.

Speaking to True Exclusives, Brandy describes the forthcoming single as being “uptempo” and “really different,” although she tries to stay coy about the feature. “[The person featuring is] both a rapper and a singer,” she mysteriously says at first, but then gives it away by following on to speak about a recent studio session she and Chris Brown had.

“The session was amazing,” she gushes. “I just think his artist Se7en is so talented and she gets me and Chris gets me. To work with people that love you and love your craft and what you do, I think it makes the song even better and the experience even better.”

The single will be produced by Bangladesh and written by Sean Garrett, who offered a few more details about the track to Rap-Up.

“It’s definitely something you have never heard – you probably haven’t heard Brandy over a track like this,” Garrett says. “It’s very commercial, but at the same time, it’s got a dope Hip-Hop influence – it’s club, it’s radio, it’s all formats.”

Sounds exciting! The single is due to drop in two weeks time to coincide with Brandy’s feature on VH1’s Behind the Music.