Brandy – “This Song (I Can’t Wait)” (produced by Stargate) | New Music

A household name in R&B with a career spanning over 15 years, it’s never a bad thing to hear something new from Brandy: “This Song (I Can’t Wait)” surfaced online earlier this month as a snippet and now we have the full version to ingest.

A light blend of breezy contentment with pop sensibilities and Brandy’s signature vocals, “This Song” was reportedly produced by Stargate [which makes sense… and something in the melodies makes me wonder if it might have been penned by Ne-Yo].

Brandy – “This Song (I Can’t Wait)”:

Not much is known for certain about the track at this point; it’s quite possibly new material from her forthcoming album [which will be her sixth] – but it could just as well be an unreleased track recorded years prior.

What do you think of it?

[via Yk2]

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