Brandy f/ Chris Brown – “Put It Down” | Music Video

I think it was clear from her BET Awards performance in July, in tribute to Whitney Houston, that Brandy‘s back and on a serious mission. It’s in her eyes, her walk, and every finger-snapping dance move she nails. With the approaching release of her new album, Two Eleven, behold the newly premiered video for the opening single, “Put It Down,” featuring Chris Brown.

Produced by Bangladesh and written by Sean Garrett, the song itself might be nothing special but Brandy carries it off in the colourful Hype Williams-directed video, despite not sharing much on-screen chemistry with Chris Brown. [They’re both capable of wayyy better, but this is obviously the commercial leader. Here’s to hoping there are some real gems on the album, there’s no question of whether she has the voice for it.]

Her sixth album since breaking onto the music scene in 1994 with her self-titled, multi-platinum debut, Brandy’s new LP Two Eleven is set for release on October 2nd through RCA/Chameleon Records.

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