Bondax f/ Kilo Kish – “It’s You” | New Music

Lancaster-hailing teenage producers Bondax link up with dreamy U.S. alt-rapper Kilo Kish for an alternate version of their bouncy February release “It’s You”.

The duo of George and Adam have made a name for themselves in the UK this year with their unique blend of different urban and electronic genres, and it seems that they’re starting to expand their support in the States. As we speak, they’re touring the U.S., and whilst they were in New York they had the good fortune to work with the Brooklyn-based Kilo Kish, leaving this excitable Facebook update shortly afterwards, “New York has been a real mad experience and we’re lucky enough to get one of it’s own on our beat.”

You can hear why they’re excited below. With Kilo Kish’s cool, half-sung bars adding that extra sensuousness to their waves of cheeky, chopped-up computer funk, this track is bound to brighten up your day.