Bon Iver – “With God On Our Side” (Live Bob Dylan Cover) | New Music

In 1963 the now iconic Bob Dylan took to the stage at The Town Hall, in New York City to perform an anti-war song entitled “With God On Our Side.” The song, which later featured on Dylan’s The Times They Are A-Changin’ album released a year later, references a some of the world’s most gruesome wars and atrocities including World Wars I and II, the Holocaust and American Civil War as well as the Holocaust.

On September 24, as part of the Edgefield Ampitheater Summer Concert series, American indie-folk band Bon Iver performed the now legendary song to a capacity crowd in Portland, Oregon. Frontman Justin Vernon, who usually sings in falsetto, dropped to a lower pitch to perform the song which is slightly removed from the band’s more introspective songs – check out the video and audio of their performance below.

Bon Iver – “With God On Our Side” (Live Bob Dylan Cover):

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