Blu compiles 25 of his favourite tracks into ‘Angel’ mixtape | Free download

Instead of new music from Inglewood, CA native BluAngel the new mixtape from the rapper/producer, functions as a compilation of his 25 favourite tracks, providing an insight, if you will, into his listening world.

Nonetheless, as an invitation into Blu’s musical brain, it’s an intriguing mix. More than anything else it’s a nice smooth listen, filled with neo-soul classics and slept-on gems by the likes of Lauryn Hill, Bilal, Dwele and Cody Chesnutt, and a little lacking in the rap department. Mos Def makes two appearances, but he seems to be the only rapper who made it onto Blu’s selection. I’m intrigued to know- does Blu listen to any New West rap? Any rap at all?

For all those who are more interested in the question- when are we going to hear new music from the man himself? – the answer is, I don’t know. He’s made statements that suggest he’s more interested in producing than rapping, so maybe an instrumental album will appear some time in the future. For now, I recommend you check out Give Me My Flowers While I Can Still Smell Them, his latest collaboration with LA production wizard Exile, which dropped in September.

Watch a video from that project below. Download Angel here.