Blackground confirm Drake and Noah “40” Shebib will executive produce posthumous Aaliyah album, Timbaland and Missy Elliott will be involved | Music News

Given the nature of the release, the confusion surrounding a proposed posthumous Aaliyah album is understandable. The status of the LP and its contributing parties have swung like a pendulum in recent days; one moment Drake is set to executive produce the album, the next her family rejected any notions of a posthumous album, and later rumours of the late R&B singer’s collaborators Timbaland and Missy Elliott‘s involvement have surfaced.

Most recently, it was suggested that the comments made on Aaliyah’s Facebook fan page by her brother, Rashad Haughton, were rather misleading, and in a recent discussion, Drake himself stated that the album is to go-ahead, and that he and his long-time producer Noah “40” Shebib will be “commanding” the project.

However, in an interview with, Aaliyah’s cousin, Jomo Hankerson, who runs Blackground Records with his father Barry Hankerson, has helped to clear up the rumours and give clarification to the situation. Firstly, Timbo and Miss E will be involved in the new album; news that will surely be welcomed by Ms. Haughton’s fans.

“I can tell you that Timbaland will definitely be involved, Missy will definitely be involved,” he said. “One of the records that we had that was never released was a Missy record that we obviously are going to be refreshing.”

As far as Drake and 40’s involvement with the record, Hankerson initially denied claims that the pair will be executive producing in the interview, but in a statement issued to Billboard following the article’s publication, Blackground Records confirm that the rapper and the producer will co-executive produce the album alongside the label.

Phew. So, as far as things stand, all four parties – Drake, 40, Timbaland and Missy Elliott – will contribute to the proposed Aaliyah album, which will be built from 16 unreleased recordings of the singer. Let’s just hope we don’t have to update you with yet more major changes, and Aaliyah’s first posthumous – and third studio album – will progress smoothly.

One potential single, “Enough Said” featuring Drizzy, has been released already, which you can get a listen of here.

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