BLACK THOUGHT -“Hardware” x “Work” x “The Professional” x “Mona Lisa” [Masterpiece Theatre Unreleased Tracks]

black vinyl
So I was browsing through one of my favourite blogs today and saw a post about some unreleased joints from Black Thought (who hands down is one of the nicest Mcees ever, top 10 dead or alive for me.)
Basically Black Thought recorded a solo album called Masterpiece Theatre that was supposed to be released in summer 2001 by MCA, but the project was scrapped after Black Thought discovered that his dolo album wouldn’t count towards the agreed number of albums that The Roots were contracted for. Most of the songs demoed wound up on The RootsPhrenology album.
Then I had a flashback moment, I remember when I used to work at Def Jam UK in 2000 and I saw some vinyl for the 1st single from an upcoming solo album from Black Thought and bugging out cus I really wanted the instrumental. That track was called “Hardware” (I don’t think it got a commercial release) and after a lil Interweb detective work (Okay.. I just googled! lol) here it is …


In addition to “Mona Lisa” & “The Professional” that were liberated by Meka & Shake, I also stumbled upon another track called “Work (ft Alicia James)”, I’m not 100 percent sure if it’s from Masterpiece Theatre but I hadn’t heard it before so I thought I’d share with you guys.

[audio: (feat. Alicia James).mp3]


[audio: Mona Lisa.mp3]


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