Black Milk – “The Kraft” | New Music


Hip-Hop production maestro Black Milk has offers listeners a rare glimpse into some rough drafts of his work through a recent collaboration with illustrator Upendo Taylor.

On “The Kraft” you can especially feel the rough-and-ready tone of the work, with the sounds moving from an initial atmospheric ambience to an ominous and sparse beat before reaching a bubble-filled interlude, spoken word bridge and an intense grime and jungle inspired outro. “The Kraft” might be a little all over the place but it’s a skilfully experimental piece of work that deserves credit for its ambition and success in genre-hopping.

Black Milk himself said of the project, “It’s rare for me to give people a listen or a glimpse into what I’m working on when it’s still in its experimental stages, but recently Upendo and I have been bouncing music and art illustration ideas back & forth and decided to post some of these rough drafts online. We call this piece ‘The Kraft.'” 

Take a listen below and see if you can relate.