Black Dave – “Black Bart” [Mixtape] | Stream/Download


After a steady release of stellar material, the day is finally here; Black Dave’s Black Bart is unleashed for our audio pleasure.

Hailing from the Bronx, Black Dave is one of the forerunners of the New New York movement that is slowly taking over the genre and Black Bart is a valuable addition to the progression.

With production from the likes of Shy Guy, Trapzillas, VeryRVRE, and Nick Catchdubs, the mixtape infuses interpolations from The Simpsons in a fashion that only a ’90’s kid could do so naturally. This all plays comfortably with Dave’s boom-bap raps making for a project that fits so effortlessly in with the invigorated New York music scene while displaying enough character to stand up and be counted.

Black Bart is available to stream and download right now and I suggest you do exactly that; we’ll even help you with a link. You’re welcome.