Björk – ‘Biophilia Remix Series VII’ | Album Stream

Icelandic singer-songwriter Björk continues to promote her latest album Biophilia with an eight-part remix series. The album, which was partially composed on her iPad, sees the seventh part to the series make it onto the ‘net. The new project includes new 16-bit versions of “Mutual Core” and “Hollow” — both taken from the 2011 album released in 2011.

The ten-track album, which follows up Björk’s 2007 studio attempt Volta, is the singer’s first multi-media interactive album and was released both as a standard CD release and a series of applications.

Biophilia is still available to purchase in a collection of apps for iPhone and iPads via iTunes. Biophilia Remix Series VII is also available to purchase here.

Listen to the song below.