Birdman on Drake vs Common beef: “We ride or die, we support him fully” [Video]

Unless you’ve been stuck under a rock, or worse had a dodgy Internet connection, you would probably be aware of the on going “war of words” between Hip Hop legend Common and YMCMB/OVOXO soldier Aubrey “Drake” Graham. In a recent sit down with Power 106 FM radio show host Big Boy, Cash Money CEO Birdman addressed the beef.

“Drake the homie so, we ride or die. But we never been a brand that make records that wanna make money offa making records offa other people. That’s not what we ’bout,” he states, continuing, “however the young homie deal with it, we behind him, we support him 100% of our lives.”

When asked whether he would personally get involved in the beef or not the entrepreneur replies, “We don’t do all that, we never did that. That’s not how we operate. We never been a brand of the diss and diss records… thats not us. But Drake the homie and we support him fully.” Watch the footage below.

Whether the Cash Money capo and his crew are running scared at this very point is neither here nor there HOWEVER to state that, “We never been a brand of the diss and diss records… that’s not us,” is pretty far fetched when Cash Money as a label were at one stage, early on in their dynasty, going back and forth with former Southern Hip Hop juggernaut No Limit Records seen HERE, HERE and HERE. Ohh and lets not forget Wayne’s well known jabs at Hovito.

The ball is in your court Aubrey.

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