Bilal – “Restart” live @ The Fix – Portland, OR (Video)

Presented for your viewing pleasure is this amazing live performance of “Restart” by the UbérDope Bilal taken from his Airtight’s Revenge album courtesy of the good folk at VTech & Fresh Selects.

Fresh off of the release of his highly VTech-supported, Airtight’s Revenge album, Bilal and his band returned to Portland for the first time in over a year and played an action-filled 90+ minute set to an eager crowd of diehard fans and interested newcomers alike. Featured in the video above is an extended look at their live, much more jam-heavy, rendition of the album’s first single – “Restart.” Highlights include Mick Jagger vs Keith Richards-level chemistry between Bilal and his guitar player, Mike Severson – as well as impromptu scatting, guitarless Hendrix-esque voodoo man dance claps – and much more as only the unique talent that is Mr. Oliver can bring.

The Sounds of VTech / Bilal “Restart” live @ The Fix – Portland, OR