Big Sean talks ‘Detroit’ mixtape + his first time rapping for Kanye [Video]

Big Sean is really on a roll right now. Not only is he featured on the Cruel Summer album alongside his fellow G.O.O.D Music members, he also recently released the much anticipated Detroit mixtape, which has already seen over 1,000,000 downloads in just a week. Although he doesn’t necessarily need the promo as the music’s speaking for itself, Sean still took the time to mix it up with the Power 106’s LA Leakers.

The crew got straight down to business, talking about Detroit and some of its content. Focusing on “RWT,” for which Sean dropped a video just ahead of the mixtape release, the host said, “You was going hard on that song like you got a point to prove.”

Sean kept it honest and let everyone know exactly what it was he felt he needed to prove on the track. “[I’m] just letting people know that I can really rap. People originally didn’t know that. When I was in France and I ran into Jay, Jay was like, ‘You not just doing it for the money, you doing it to be great.’ It’s tight to get that recognition.”

You could say the Detroit rapper’s first bit of recognition was when he famously rapped for Kanye West at a radio station, which led to him getting signed. But if you thought Sean recited the best bars of his life that day, you’d be wrong.

“It’s crazy that he saw the potential, because I used to not be good,” he admits, although he doesn’t remember exactly what he rapped about that day. “I don’t remember any of it but I can tell you it was not that good.”

If you want to hear the couple of lines that he could remember, check out the interview below.