Big L & Jay-Z Freestyle On Stretch & Bobbito Show In ’95 (Unearthed 10min Version)

The good folk at DJPremierBlog have just unearthed a 10 minute version of the infamous Big L & Jay-Z interview/freestyle from the Stretch & Bobbito Show on February 23rd 1995, a 7 minute version has been kicking around for years but these extra minutes of such a classic moment in time are more than welcome.

This is where I show my age…
I vividly remember one of my boys in Brooklyn sending an early teen version of myself a copy of this freestyle on a TDK tape in ’95, that tape got worn the hell out!
Big L was one of my favourite rappers back then and I wasn’t even trying to hear the pre-Reasonable Doubt Shawn Carter back then. I would never in a million years have predicted that Jay-Z would become the Greatest Rapper Of All Time! (Yeah… I said it… Say something… lol).

R.I.P Big L

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