Big Heed – “Death Of The Skinny Jeans” | New Music

Big Heed and ALIen the Drummer toured the hell out of 2011 and received huge success with smash hit “Tipsy” which was on heavy rotation on MTV. Having signed to JIVE Records, they certainly didn’t waste any time getting to grips on the road. Despite being bound together as a group, the pair have never had any problem doing their own thing.

This new joint from emcee Big Heed – “Death Of The Skinny Jeans” is exactly what it sounds like. I don’t know about you, but there’s nothing more horrific than seeing a grown ass man in a pair of super tight skinnies. I’ve even had the displeasure of witnessing a couple rocking a pair of colourful jeggings. It’s time to stop the madness. Big Heed spotlights the uncomfortable issue over a very tight beat.

A new anthem methinks! “DEATH OF THE SKINNY JEANS!”. Let’s riot!