Beyoncé to direct and star in documentary about her life | Film News

Already a global superstar, songwriter, actress and philanthropist, Beyoncé can now add documentary maker to her seemingly never-ending list of skills. Queen B looks set to give her fans an even more intimate look at her life, as rumours are circulating of a feature-length documentary about the singer’s life and career being touted to distributors all over Hollywood.

According to the L.A. Times, Beyoncé and her agency, ICM, have been showing 20 minutes of footage to potential distributors. The documentary will feature a mix of tour footage and footage from her work and personal life, as well as original interviews.

With recent developments in the singer’s life, the documentary will no doubt be jam-packed with interesting footage showing Bey on a new journey. In the past few years she has severed business ties with her father, had time off to travel the world and taken creative control of her 4 album, as well as — and most notably — given birth to her first child and is enjoying her new role as Blue Ivy‘s mom.

This wouldn’t be Beyoncé’s first foray into the genre, as she starred in a mini-documentary last June called Beyoncé: Year of 4.

If plans go ahead, the singer will be following in the footsteps of Justin Bieber and Katy Perry, who both recently released feature length documentaries.