Beyonce sued for $100 million by video game developer | News

It’s not often that Beyonce – or hubby Jay Z – are in the headlines for anything other than being amazing… however it has recently been revealed that the Queen B herself is currently being sued by video game developers Gate Five after allegedly pulling out of a deal to create a motion sensing computer game.

The New York Post has recently reported that US judge Charles Ramos has allegedly given Gate Five permission to sue the multimillionaire for $100 million (£62.2 million).

This is following the singer allegedly backing out of a $20 million (£12.4 million) agreement to feature in Starpower: Beyonce. Her lawyers are however standing firm in the argument that the deal had never been finalised and as such she had every right to walk away.

Gate Five’s lawyers who reportedly had to fire 70 employees due to the agreement falling through are (obviously) very pleased at the judge’s decision to grant them a hearing.

[Source: New York Post / NME]

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