Beyonce on setting up her own label, wanting to create a Boy Band, her pregnancy + More [Video]

The King B has been hitting the media trail hard over the last couple of days to promote her new fragrance Pulse.
In an interview with Associated Press she revealed she is setting up her own record label and searching for acts,

Beyonce: Balance. I am still working on balance and still growing. I am starting my company, my label. I want to create a boy band. I want to continue to produce and do documentaries and music videos. I eventually want to start directing for other artists. Once I know that I have my stuff together and I trust that, I can do it for other artists.

I see so many male artists building these empires and passing their knowledge on to other artists and development. I see myself doing the same thing and hopefully other younger artists when they grow up and they have been around for 15, 20 years, they can do the same thing.

She also sat down with Terrence from 106 & Park for a quick catch up this week. She spoke about her creative involvement in her new fragrance ‘Pulse’, feeling empowered by becoming a mother and the support she has had despite feeling nervous stating ‘there’s nothing more swag than being a mother’.

She also spoke about the growth she experienced during the making of her current album 4 and even transformed into Barack Obama with the help of some glasses.. confused? Watch both of the videos below!

It doesn’t stop there, with an interview on Access Hollywood, B talked about her VMA performance and the big announcement that broke a twitter rcecord, an upcoming movie with Clint Eastwood, its accompanying soundtrack, being a working mother, hinting about a maternity line and more. Damn B, you killin ’em!

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