Beyoncé discusses her new album & being a Role Model [Video]

With just over a week til the release of her fourth solo album, 4, which features collaborations with Babyface and Kanye West, Beyoncé sat down with to discuss a few details about her highly anticipated LP and being a role model to young women.

The multi-platinum selling superstar formerly of Destiny Child told ETOnline, who were also on hand to capture behind-the-scenes footage while she shot her new Target commercial (which debuts on June 24, four days before the release of the deluxe version of her LP), that “being a role model is something that I’ve always been,” she stated. “It’s not something that I became. It’s something I was already, because I had a younger sister.”

Speaking on about the deluxe version of her latest album Beyoncé states, “I think the fans are going to be so excited about this Target deluxe version, because I think some of my favorite songs I saved for Target… I think people are going to be happy that they have something exclusive.” Watch below.