Benny Love – “Can’t Be” | New Music

Benny Love

Protostar family present Atlanta hailing R&B singer Benny Love with her new single, “Can’t Be” produced by Dream Koala.

Love penned the record herself and that already sets her apart from singers from the A that get her material from writers. The track speaks on the complications that take place when two people that have a physical relationship make an attempt to maintain a platonic friendship. The song is one many can relate too in similar predicaments.

“‘Can’t Be’ harbors the feelings we really want to run from,” she explains. “There’s always that one person that you lose all self control over; EVEN after telling yourself, ‘never go there again’. They know your ins and outs. They know what touch rushes all those past feelings back. They know all the right things to say.

“Hence “can’t be friends” is a battle between letting something completely go or taking that leap into familiar love and giving it all you’ve got. Either way, it’s one or thee other. It can’t be both.”

Currently working on a an EP, Love describes her sound as “quiet noise” – which is evident in her soft and gentle vibe. Take a listen below and stay tuned.