Behind the scenes of Action Bronson & Party Supplies’ Blue Chips EP [Video]

Everything about Action Bronson is organic; but that’s not a reference to how he used to cook food. The former chef-turned-rapper recently released a necessity for your iTunes with his Party Supplies-produced Blue Chips mixtape, and hung out with the Reebok Classics crew to dive into the project’s roots.

In the first video below, watch as Action discusses his love for the kitchen, shares essential eating tips and details his first meeting with his producer pal, all while catching some Chinese food in his hometown of Queens, New York.

The Reebok team also caught up with the other half of Blue Chips, kicking it with the fellow New Yorker Party Supplies as he spoke on his DJing/singing duality, his love for, what he describes as, “ecclectic pop” plus career aspirations.

Press play below and make sure you grab a copy of Bronson and Supplies’ Blue Chips if you haven’t already.