B.o.B takes over Switzerland [Video]

Switzerland loooves them some Bobby Ray. But you don’t have to take our word for it, as B.o.B has captured some footage of his Swiss travels, edited it very neatly and now presents it as proof.

In the country for performances in Basel and Zurich, the Grand Hustle rep brings the cameras along as he drinks free beer, preps for a show, rocks said show, unwinds after the show, and then heads to the next show.

Yup — Bob’s workin’ hard. His crew isn’t called the “Hustle Gang” for nothing.

At end of the clip he lets us know where he’s headed next: Hackney Weekend. We already know how it went down on stage, and it looks like his next video blog will show us what else went down in London.

Until then, check out how an Atlanta guy handles the Swiss scene.