B.o.B speaks on Tyler, The Creator’s “Yonkers” diss

Remember that buoyant “No Future” diss record B.o.B dropped aimed at Odd Future frontman Tyler, the Creator a little while back? Here he speaks with The Source on his response to Tyler’s “Yonkers,” which took jabs at Bobby Ray and Atlantic Records labelmate Bruno Mars.

“When I initially heard the line, I felt like it was some emcee shit…” – B.o.B

“I feel like some people perceived it as a shot,” he says. “People love to hate, so when he said the line my fans weren’t coming at me like, ‘Bob! He was dissing you!’ – nobody was saying that. You can take it and just make whatever you wanna make out of it, but I don’t harbor any negative emotion at all.

“I feel like with Hip Hop now, even if something is competitive, as long as it stays productive and is raising the bar for Hip Hop music, there ain’t nothing wrong with that.”

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